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Core Skills

Master Time Management; How Not To Waste Time

Interruptions and distractions can easily take up to 2 or more hours of non-productive time each day. Increase your productivity and your energy by taking control and managing your time wasters. You will be given effective tips you can implement immediately to help you identify and eliminate time wasters from your day. You will also be better at managing your workload and not allow your workload to manage you.

5W’s of Communication: How to Communicate with Confidence and Ease

The 5W’s of Communication includes using Emotional Intelligence (EI) and using specific listening styles for processing and communicating information. You will learn to use the tools necessary to communicate with anyone at any level within any organization. And, you will receive tips on the power behind non verbal communication and how to streamline communicating electronically and via mobile devices.

Administrative Best Practices 

This topic focus on ethical actions within the workplace such as, what “team-player” really means (even with the most difficult co-worker). You will learn and understand the benefits of sharing your knowledge with other administrative professionals and how this will increase your professional development. Learn the do’s and don’ts of administrative etiquette, including how to handle “office politics.”
Ideal for administrative and support staff professionals

Re-Master the Art of Customer Service

Customer Service is not a one-size (or year) fits all. Learn how to manage unbiased customer relations by using Emotional Intelligence (EI) to manage difficult customers and coworkers. You will also learn how to control your emotions and learn what not to say.

Advanced Skills

Stepping Up To Leadership

Define and choose the right leadership opportunity for career growth and personal development. This topic will help you to increase contributions to any organization as well as the value you bring to your professional development. You will learn tips to use for gaining the respect from management and your peers. Learn how to inspire a spirit of cooperation toward achieving your team goal.

Defining Your Leadership Style

Advance your career by developing your leadership qualities. Gain tips on effective negotiation skill and learn how to build a team of leaders, not followers. Leadership is more than a role, it’s a lifestyle.

Working with a Multi Generational Workforce

There are currently four generations working together in the 21st century. Finding the appropriate balance between values, ethics, work style and experience can be challenging among co-workers. How you interact and understand each generation can improve the value of these workplace relationships. The four generations are the Silent, Baby Boom, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z. Learn how to develop productive cross generational relationships that will increase productivity and improve office morale.

Using Industry Resources to Increase Your Value within Your Company 

Learning how to use industry resources will improve knowledge and increase your ability to be proactive in supporting senior level executives. It will also allow you to increase your growth while adding value to your professional role. You will be given the necessary tools to utilize current market trends that are relevant to your manager and the company. You will learn new ways to explore new opportunities for career growth.
Ideal for administrative and support staff professionals

Managing Stressful Situations with Ease

Work related stress can be difficult to manage and control. This topic will assist you in maintaining control by using thought processes to understand and evaluate specific issues. You will also learn how to manage workplace relationships to improve your office environment. This topic also teaches you how to turn stressful projects into growth opportunities.

Admin vs. Meeting Planner: Mastering the Dual Role 

This topic is designed to give Administrative Professionals meeting management skills and best practice solutions that are required to planning and managing a successful meeting. Build your awareness and organizational skills to effectively manage the project. Increase your knowledge and become a master at negotiating rates. Understand the legal liabilities you and your organization may be faced with. And, learn how to increase your value (and your paycheck) with industry certification options.
Ideal for administrative and support staff professionals

Project Management Solutions and Tools 

Project management skills are a necessity for today’s professionals. Managing multiple projects and keeping up with your daily workload can be a huge challenge. Learn simple methods to organize and prioritize projects while maintaining a steady workflow. Develop a risk management process to protect the integrity of your reputation. Incorporate a time management system that will allow you to create “work without worry” attitude.

Managing Up: Tips for Communicating Effectively and Working More Efficiently 

This topic will cover how to effectively manage your manager by using effective communication techniques and the “managing up technique.” Learn how to take initiative and increase your value to your role. The goal is to go from Assistant to Business Partner.
Ideal for administrative and support staff professionals

How to Advance From A Stalled Position/Unleashing the Under Utilized Skills 

Your niche’ is one of your best skills. This topic will include how to identify and use your niche’ to advance your current and future position within your company, allowing you to become a valuable asset to the organization. This topic will also help you to use skills that are not directly “related” to the role of an Administrative Professional. You will learn how to incorporate your niche’ into your current and/or future responsibilities.
Ideal for administrative and support staff professionals

Writing Your Performance Review 

Administrative professionals may perceive their performance differently from the review and evaluation presented by management. This topic will assist with gaining a clear understanding of your expected role within the company. Learn to write a performance review with a strategic focus on your contributions to the organization and your understanding of the expectations from your manager.
Ideal for administrative and support staff professionals

Public Speaking Skills for Entrepreneurs

Many business professionals engage in conversations with individuals from the gatekeepers to the executive officer to the government official. Learn how to be in control and increase your power of persuasion. This topic will give you the tools to effectively communicate inside and outside of the office.

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking for Administrative Professionals

From Receptionist to Sr. Executive Assistant, Administrative Professionals are communicating with internal and external professionals daily in the workplace. Learn how master powerful and effective verbal and non-verbal communication techniques and increase your power of persuasion. This workshop will equip you with the tips to sell your organization with confidence.
Ideal for administrative and support staff professionals

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