The Roadmap

8 Out of 10 Entrepreneurs Who Start Businesses Fail Within the First 18 Months…

Will this be you…?

It’s true! A whopping 80% of new businesses fizzle out really fast.

It’s absolutely crucial to your success that you are informed and fully prepared before you begin!


Not surprisingly, building a successful business is fraught with pitfalls. The road to success doesn’t come as easily as you might think.

The problem is that most first-time entrepreneurs are blissfully unaware of the hazards and road blocks that await them, and often end up making some very common mistakes which end up costing them their businesses.

Starting a business begins with a dream. But without the right tools and the right know-how, that dream can rapidly turn into a nightmare.

And the perfect way to prepare yourself is with this invaluable resource…

The Entrepreneur Peak Performance Series: The Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success

If you are just starting out as a first-time, beginning entrepreneur or business owner, this is the one resource that can ensure your success!


The Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success is a workbook which will guide you through the thought processes you need to make in order to make the right decisions.

Here are a few of the topics you will focus on:

Creating your business plan

Your time and commitment

Building a support network

Developing the structure of your business

Legal issues

Your products and services

Defining your ideal customer

Your unique sales proposition

It also contains a list of invaluable, time-saving resources!

2 Bonus Books:

Super Simple Steps For Setting Up Your Social Media Accounts

SM_The_Majors  Social Media WorkBook

These books will save you hours of time, thousands of dollars and…it will quite possibly save your business!

The information provided in The Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success Workbook is key to your success – don’t become a statistic, order today!

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